Families walk up to 30 miles a day searching for water. Children have little to no time for education. Parents migrate to neighboring countries to look for a livelihood. The NGO Amman Imman is raising money to build the “Water is Education” borehole-well to provide water to 40,000 and the possibility of education for as many as 5,000 children.

Radio France International's Alison Hird interviews Ariane Kirtley on RFI Radio English. Ariane discusses climate change, migration, radicalism and the effects on populations in the Azawak. At the end, Alison asks Ariane about money being raised as part of the Paris Climate agreement.

(May 19, 2018) Journalist Yasmine Chouaki uses sound and music to creatively reveal the personality, aspirations and work of guests on her radio show En Sol Majeur, aired twice weekly on RFI Radio France. This past weekend Yasmine spoke with Ariane Kirtley about her family, work, life and musical tastes.