A Photo Worth A Thousand Smiles

In this picture I am happily printing out photos for the children around me… their very first photo of themselves, for them to cherish and keep.  In the second photo, children are proudly holding up a print of themselves.

Sometimes development isn’t just about fulfilling basic needs… it’s also about bringing happiness through fun, and in this case, memories.  Thanks to the Dog Meets World Project, founded by Carolyn Lane, we distributed several hundreds of photos, throughout the Azawak and Niamey.  Imagine the smiles that you get, from children and adults alike, when they see and own a photo of themselves and of their friends.  Some of them discover their face for the very first time.  As a photographer, I went from a smile thief, to a smile giver in just one click and one print.  How rewarding!  Thank you, Dog Meets World!!