Published Work

My stories are featured in these books
The Walkabout Chronicles: Epic Journeys by Foot

created and edited by Tor and Siffy Torkildson,

This adventure-travel anthology features some of the greatest explorers, walkers, and writers of our time.

“Aristotle of Africa”, essay by Ariane Kirtley
Stories for my children; excerpts from my walking diaries.

You can purchase a copy on Amazon.
The Pilgrimage Chronicles: Embrace the Quest

created and edited by Tor and Siffy Torkildson

What is your Quest in life? “The Pilgrimage Chronicles: Embrace the Quest,” leads us on a series of pilgrimages and explorations to the far reaches of the planet in search of and to celebrate the meaning of life in 33 essays.

A Quest for Water, by Ariane Kirtley
This story is based on actual events in the southern Sahara.

Purchase your copy on Amazon.