Donkeys and Liquid Gold

DONKEYS AND LIQUID GOLD: Sori, a Wodaabe Fulani woman from the Azawak, leads a team of donkeys as they pull water from 120 meters deep. They need coaxing; heaving water at this depth is a formidable task. The challenge is such that they fall on top of one another, as each step is harder than the former.

I wonder if they realize that they will undergo this trial 5 to 10 times in the morning, just to repeat the work in the afternoon. No matter what, they cannot give up. They too hope to enjoy a precious sip of the liquid gold. Homeward bound, backs laden with anything from 2 to 6 jerry cans filled with 25 liters each, their work seems never-ending. It’s no wonder that Azawak donkeys have a short life-span.  

Nonetheless, donkeys are precious commodities for families.  Without them, accessing water is nearly impossible.