How Could Anyone Fit Into A Plane?

HOW COULD ANYONE FIT INTO A PLANE?HOW COULD ANYONE FIT INTO A PLANE? This is one of three sisters that visited us during our stay in the village of Aouderas.  I cannot remember her name, but I will never forget her beauty (much commented on by Ahoudan, my Touareg father, who I think would have happily married all three sisters).

They were outgoing and full of curiosity about life in the Western world.  One of the questions that I remember being asked: “Planes are so small.  How in the world does a human being enter a plane?  Only ants would appear small enough to fit.”

At first, I didn’t understand the question.  And then I realized that the only time these women had ever seen a plane was when it was up in the air.  I tried not to laugh, and instead explained that a plane is very big, and it looks tiny from the ground because it flies so high up in the sky.  I used the example of a bird that is big close up, but up in the sky can look as small as a speck. 

They were so pleased with this answer that they giggled, and continued posing many more questions.