Arouna, Soriya, Abdoulkarim, Abdoulrazac (Arouna’s little brother), and Hassana sit together on a tree stump next to Arouna’s squatter’s home. Arouna lives with his parents and his brothers Hamza, Abdoulmomine, and Abdoulrazac, and his sisters Hassana and Kadija. Their huts used to lie on a garbage dump, until their father, Abdoulkarim, requested that the city of Niamey clear the land so that they could settle more comfortably right off of the third laterite road. Their mother sells homemade snacks to schoolchildren, while their father sells his transportation services with his donkey and wagon. They also manage a butane stand, which frightens me greatly given their proximity to the road. My kiddoes love playing chase and other games with Arouna and Hassana, running from one hut to the other, while I plead with them to stay off of the busy street.