Gotchi and Satchi, part 13

Gotchi and Satchi Part 13

GOTCHI AND SATCHI: (part thirteen, the end) “Where is your father?  I must see him,” Binta asked the children. Just at that moment, she lifted her head, and saw in the distance a sight that filled her weary heart with such happiness that she cried even harder. “Gotchi, look, look over there!” she sobbed.

Gotchi looked up, and saw, in the shadows of the night, lit now by a full moon, Sanda walking toward the village, leading a small herd of cows. Gotchi’s cow, her own Satchi, strong and proud, led the way. When she saw Gotchi, Satchi ran toward the girl she so loved and licked her face, over and over.

Allah had heard Gotchi’s prayers after all.  After thinking she had lost everything, there in front of Gotchi stood everything she wanted — her family, and her Satchi.  As she thankfully lifted her face to the night, a small drop of rain splashed her cheek, dripping down onto the parched earth.


Photo: Fulani man herding cows.