My Queen of Queens

My Queen of QueensMY QUEEN OF QUEENS: (fifth in the grandmother’s series/Mother’s Day in France!)

She is my queen, my perfect angel and little fairy.  

She is the person I long for during my moments of great jubilation, and times of sadness and desperation.  She is my hero, my guide, my mentor… always has been and always will be.

Every motion she takes, and motion she creates is one of great art and poetry. The world she sees is through a lens of watercolor or the splash of paint.  

She is wisdom with the playfulness of a child.  She taught me to live through kindness and empathy, to see the world with an open heart of love.

She is the one who carried me within her womb, and had supported and helped shape me ever since. Today, she is strength and adoration for my own children, and their best friend.

This woman, this mother, this grandmother, this creature of life and love… I could not be more blessed and honored to be your daughter. Thank you, on this Mother’s Day.

photo by Michael Kirtley