Siblings of Love

siblingsFassely, Marie, and Cherifa have been best friends for eight years now. When I look at this picture, I am reminded of the beauty and importance of childhood friendships. These three kiddoes know one another deeply, and love one another in a way I can only fathom.  They’ve gone through periods of great comradeship, where they have been inseparable, and through other phases of competition, anger, and jealousy.  They are siblings, yet have bonds deeper than blood. 

I look forward to watching them grow together into young adults. Who knows if they will stay close?  Likely, they will go through phases of feeling estranged from one another.  Yet I have faith that the bond that they have today will prevail over time. 

The only person I shared a comparable relationship growing up was with my brother.  Goodness knows we’ve been through so much, and yet the love I have for him can only be compared to the feelings I hold for my own children. 

I dare say that Marie and Cherifa have been almost as important to Fassely’s familial education as his blood family.