The Artist

The Artist featuredTHE ARTIST: Aghali , aged four, belongs to a reknown family of Inadan, the Touareg artisan cast. The man, the Inadan, makes tools, crafts intricate jewelry from metal, makes camel saddles, sharpens stone… the list goes on.  The women artisans, the Tchinadan, are leatherwork specialists.  They craft bags, pouches, and various decorations from beautifully dyed leather.  The artisan tradition is inherited from father to son, mother to daughter, and Inadans almost always exclusively marry amongst themselves.

Aghali’s family has been very close to mine now for three generations. His grandfather was a close friend of my parents, and made several pieces of silverwork that were featured in National Geographic. I learned of his passing only a few days ago. RIP, Saidi!