The Water Expedition

water expeditionTHE WATER EXPEDITION: Zeinabou travels to a deep well of 100 meters situated at 7km (14 km round-trip) from her village.  She is with her big brother and other members of her village.  The expedition will take a minimum of six hours.  The sun sits high in the sky and the wind dries everything in its passage:  the earth, hands, and lips. Despite this, Zeinabou smiles.  

Her family is lucky to own donkeys (a minimum of five are needed!), a pulley, and a rubber container.  Many families do not have the means to own donkeys, a pulley and a rubber container.  Their hardships are multiplied given that they rely even more on their own physical strength and the generosity of those better equipped.

This is daily reality in the Azawak of Niger.