Tirelessly Working

fulani mother and childTIRELESSLY WORKING: (fourth in the mother’s day series)

This photo of a Wodaabe mother repairing clothes while accompanied by her youngest, reminds me how, no matter where you are in the world, motherly chores are non-ending.  Being a mother may be the most fulfilling thing one can ever do, but it’s also one of the hardest… at least that’s my experience.

I set high standards for myself; I want to be ever-present for my children, exposing them to as much as possible, and pour my love on them at all times. And yet this other thing called “life” gets in the way. Food must be prepared, the house must be cleaned (although I think my standards have gotten pretty low after having three babes), and work must be done… leaving precious little quality time with my three wee ones.

And when I am with them, I’m more often than not exhausted and run down by everything else, that I find myself impatient and cranky. So going back to this photo, I admire mothers world-over that give their very best to their children despite this terrible curveball called “life” that seems to always get in between a mother and her child.