Very Happy New Year (a little early)

Ariane with children in AzawakVERY HAPPY NEW YEAR (a little early)

For those of you that followed my story “A Quest for Water”, here I am in 2006 with the darling children that inspired the story. You may recognize Raichatou directly to my bottom right, and Takat directly to my bottom left.

This photo was taken during the Tabaski festival (hence the slaughtered sheep behind us), and we are joined by Mariama, sisters Hassi and Rabbi, Malik, and Amina. I was privileged to spend months living with their families and getting a glimpse into their world. In 2007, Amman Imman built their borehole, just like Fada’s borehole in my story.

The girls are now grown with families of their own, but to me, they are still my darlings, and I remain their Alzhara.