Ahoudan At the Timia Cascade

july 19-2.jpgAHOUDAN AT THE TIMIA CASCADE:  I know I recently posted this photo, but since this is one of my favorite photos of Ahoudan, I felt it belonged in this Ahoudan series.  It is of Ahoudan walking toward me at the cascade of Timia, Niger.  Ahoudan often travelled to this cascade with my family when I was a child.  I have fond memories swimming in the cool pool with my parents and racing up to the different levels of the falls with my brother, Tercelin.  He always won.  My best memory, though, is making pebble, stick, and mud soup in the naturally formed holes of the rock formations surrounding the cascade.  I truly believed that my mixture, which I churned and embellished with all sorts of natural ingredients, was the tastiest of soups in all the world.  Ahoudan would humor me by pretending to savour the soup.  He was not only a father and mentor, but also a sweet playmate to my brother and me.