In this photo I am clapping to the beat of the tendé drum, celebrating the opening of the Tangarwashane borehole, Amman Imman’s first deep well in the Azawak.  It was drilled nearly 180 meters deep into the naturally recharged aquifer, the Continentale Intercalaire.  We have since built 4 more boreholes, each of which provides a clean and sustainable source of water to over 20,000 people and animals.

Amman Imman did not stop with providing water!  Once we establish water security, we help with food security by setting up food banks and community gardens.  Now that kids are no longer spending a majority of their days searching for water, we help build and support schools.  We train women and men with skills that will help them improve their life circumstances and make revenue.  We plant trees to reforest to counter desertification.  We launch sanitation and hygiene initiatives as a part of our WASH programs.  We run a mobile health clinic which treats over 15,000 children and pregnant women, and run health education and prevention campaigns.

We are successfully building OASES OF LIFE throughout the Azawak, one borehole community at a time!