COMFORT: (fourth in the Mother’s Day series) This Wodaabe Fulani grandmother is providing comfort and security to her timid grandchild, who has never before seen a white person.  I had appeared from nowhere walking up to her camp, and she thought that I was a genie spirit.  Just moments earlier, the grandmother milked a cow, and shared the liquid with her hungry grandchild, which helped soothe the youngster and helped calm her fright.  This Wodaabe family, like others that have retained their nomadic existence, lived with their cows, and traveled from one green pasture to another every couple of days or so.  They were easily mobile, as their small camp was composed only of one traditional wooden bed and a table covered with bowls made of calabashes.  The number of bowls is meant to correspond with the wealth of the head woman of the household. The number of cows owned by the family demonstrates the father’s wealth.  Cows and calabash bowls are therefore the Wodaabe’s most prized possessions, and help provide the means to provide proper nourishment to the children.