Food for Everyone

In this photo, a Fulani family has come to the Ebagueye cereal bank to purchase millet at an affordable cost. The cereal bank not only provides affordable grain, but it makes the grain available at a reasonable proximity to nearby sedentary and nomadic camps and villages.  Amman Imman has helped establish a woman’s run cereal bank in all our borehole communities, in order to support food security in our communities.  We have also set up fodder banks for the animals.  Before, families had to travel far, to major towns in order to stock up on food supplies.  Today, they have food nearby at a price that is more easily affordable.  Profits are used to restock the banks, and pay the women managers a small salary.

We also help launch women’s and children gardens, and plant fruit trees. While gardens to not provide the bulk of the food, they help decrease malnourishment by providing nutritional vegetables for salads and sauces.

Photos courtesy Denis Gontero.