Migration For A Home


Hadiza celebrates the construction of the home of her sister, Sori.

Sori arrived back to her village that very morning with presents and the materials necessary to begin building her home: a wooden bed and a traditional table to be covered with calabash bowls and decorations.  Sori spent much of the year in Nigeria as a domestic worker to make money to purchase land and construct her home. She is in the process of making bricks to build a wall around her land.

Sori is a true innovator and leader in her community, and one of the first to build a permanent structure. Once her wall is built, she will construct a house made of adobe.

But having the money to make the bricks for this house will take several more trips to Nigeria. She is lucky to return home with a couple hundred dollars each time. Her travels and stay in Nigeria are difficult and potentially dangerous, but Sori affronts her challenges with determination.

Once her house is up, she plans on growing a garden, and hopes to one day earn money at home, thereby limiting her travels abroad.