Mother’s Day Everyday

In this photo, I am dancing with my son, Soriya during a cultural festival at what was to become his school in Niamey, l’Ecole Primaire “Alliance”. How blessed I am to be a mother of three sparkling, curious, hilarious, and brilliant human angels; to share every single day’s adventures, joyful moments, and frustrations with my teachers in life.  With them, I am humbly learning to grow more patient, and to view the world through their innocent eyes of love and understanding.  In return, I share with them the world, exposing them to cultures and ways of life that permit them to question what they know and understand, so that they can shape their life view, with a better understanding of a global world; so that they may develop tolerance for the unknown and unfamiliar; so that they may welcome discomfort and question what the world presents and exposes to them.

Sunday was mother’s day in the USA.  While I actually believe that every day is mother’s day, I would like to dedicate this next week in particular to mothers around the world by showcasing mothers through my pictures. I would like to display the universality of motherhood: the joy, the love, the frustrations, the questioning, the concerns, the daily life, the struggles, and the brilliance of what it is to be a mother.