Nursing a Newborn

NURSING A NEWBORN: (third in the breastfeeding series) Our Amman Imman nurse, Hadiza, films this young mother as she nurses her newborn.  Hadiza is interviewing her about her breastfeeding habits; the mother says her child nurses over 10 times a day.  She suffers from painful crevices, not unlike many mothers that only recently begin nursing. Hadiza spent her time after the video encouraging the mother to breastfeed exclusively until the baby turns 6 months old.  That means no water or other drinks, or any food at all!  She also talks about the importance prenatal and postnatal care.  These are common education message that Hadiza and the rest of Amman Imman’s health team shares as a part of our nutrition education program.

What are your experiences with breastfeeding?  What about in cultures other than your own?