Providing Shelter 

PROVIDING SHELTER: (Sixth in the Mother’s Day Series) Haoua builds a tent for her family.  Her children sit patiently on a traditional Touareg bed, confident that their mother will have built their temporary homestead before nightfall.  Providing shelter to her children is one of the most basic needs a mother can fulfill. Among these nomadic Touaregs, it is the woman’s job to build this mobile home — which consists of a tent made of wooden poles, covered by a goat hide roof — when a new camp is being set up.  During the rainy season, their home provides shelter from the rain.  During the hot season, it protects them from unremitting sun.  Touaregs that have retained their nomadic lifestyle live in camps with their extended family, and move from one pasture to another every couple of days or week, depending on the season.