A Quest for Water, Chapter 4: A Close Call (9)

marsh water hole marsh water holesA QUEST FOR WATER: (Based on actual events in the southern Sahara) Chapter 4: A CLOSE CALL (9)

After a long moment of silence, Mouheini recounted the story of the boy at the well, “He was about our age, Fada. I can’t get his face out of my mind. I can’t imagine what a terrible death that must be.”

Fada waited a moment before responding. “I’ve been sent down into a well to dig like that boy,” he shared. “It’s what I imagine hell being like. So dark and hot, and no air. And you know going in how dangerous it is. You just know. Any time dirt starts falling from above, you think that your time has come.”

Mouheini cringed at the idea of Fada deep in the well.

Photos: Young boy goes into a well to dig for water; Marsh water holes