A Quest for Water, Chapter 5: Welcomed Like Princesses (1)

Touareg man representing WasselkouA QUEST FOR WATER: (Based on actual events in the southern Sahara)


“Who goes there?” A looming voice bellowed, before the children reached the hill. The voice belonged to Wasselkou, Cheikh Almoustapha’s right-hand man.

“Wasselkou, it is Fada, with friends.” Wasselkou beamed a flashlight toward Fada and the girls.

“Ah, it IS you, Fada!  Come quickly. It is a dangerous night. There have been attacks nearby. We are patrolling the area to protect the village. Come quickly.”

Fada guided the girls toward the cheikh’s home. “Assalamualaikum”, he said, announcing himself before entering: “Peace be with you!” From inside came the customary response “Bismillah”, meaning, “By the grace of God!”

photo: Touareg man representing Wasselkou.