A Quest for Water, Chapter 7: Saying Goodbye (7)

quest for waterA QUEST FOR WATER: (Based on actual events in the southern Sahara)

Chapter 7: SAYING GOODBYE (7) 

Fada looked over at Mouheini; their eyes caught, and both noticed the other tearing up. He looked away, determined that he needed to leave as soon as possible. He felt such anguish in his heart that he feared he would not be able to control his crying.

“Again, thank you,” he said, “but I have enough food for my journey home. I will leave now. Please do come often to Cheikh Almoustapha’s village. You will always find plenty of water and a friendly welcome there!”

After filling up his plastic milk container from one of the jerry cans, he approached Mouheini and whispered, “Never forget me. Come see me whenever you can.”

She handed over the food that was left in the parcel given to them by Housseina, and whispered back, “Allah willing!” not truly believing she ever would. She looked back at him until his silhouette could no longer be distinguished from the acacia trees in the advancing twilight.