A Quest for Water, Chapter 8: Bittersweet Rejoicing (1)

Sadouan holding her baby.

Sadouan holding her baby.

A QUEST FOR WATER: (Based on actual events in the southern Sahara)

Chapter 8: Bittersweet Rejoicing (1) 

Hearing the camels and donkeys arrive, Sadouan stepped out of her tent, holding baby Tahir in her arms. Her heart leapt for joy at seeing her daughter riding alongside her husband, along with her nieces Raichatou and Takat.

“You are safe my child, you are safe!” she cried out, folding her daughter into her arms.

“When I heard of the attacks,” she exclaimed, “I was so worried. And you hardly ever have been away this long. Praise Allah for your return!”

Mouheini hugged her mother tightly, and then swept Tahir into her arms, kissing his little face over and over. “Tahir is safe!” she told herself, her body trembling. “Let’s get you some water young man!” she murmured lovingly to him. 

Photo: Sadouan holding her baby