Red Ribbon: Mariama

Red Ribbon-Mariama

In this photo, three year old Mariama drinks clean water from the Tangarwashane borehole built by Amman Imman in 2007.  She not only enjoys clean water, but ever since the borehole was built, she also gets to play with her older brothers and sisters that no longer undertake daylong expeditions searching for water.  They have time for school and games.  They can take baths year round, instead of bathing only during the one to three month rainy season.  They have planted a school garden with Amman Imman’s staff, and have readily accessible food thanks to their community food bank.

On the day I took this photo, I came back to Tangarwashane after almost a year away.  All my little girlfriends ran up to me, chanting “Alzhara, Alzhara”, running their hands through my hair, and hugging me.  They cheered with glee when I pulled out a package of red ribbons and distributed one to each… a simple yet well appreciated gift.  The girls immediately attached the ribbons in their hair, creating a harmonious unison of flowing red throughout the village.