A Quest for Water: Chapter 3, Buried Alive! (2)

old womanA QUEST FOR WATER: (Based on actual events in the southern Sahara)
“There is no guarantee there’ll be water there either,” replied Mouheini. After considering their options, the girls decided to wait rather than look for another well. Takat found a shady spot beneath an acacia tree, where an elderly woman sat weaving a mat while she waited. After laying out their own mat, the girls distracted themselves by playing mancala and other traditional games with rocks in the sand.

They waited for hours, as more and more people and animals showed up at the well, hopeful to retrieve water. “I’m not so sure we made the right decision to stay,” Raichatou opined. “We’d still be walking if we had gone,” replied Takat. Mouheini, trying to keep the peace, reassured them, “It will be our turn soon.”