A Quest for Water, Chapter 7: Saying Goodbye (4)

Quest for WaterA QUEST FOR WATER: (Based on actual events in the southern Sahara)

Chapter 7: SAYING GOODBYE (4)

The sun began to dip behind the horizon. Takat and Raichatou jumped off their donkeys; they were so eager to get home that they sang songs and chased one another, in order to pass the time. Raichatou looked back at Mouheini and Fada occasionally, unhappy that Mouheini had allowed herself to become so close to this boy. Takat, on the other hand, felt intrigued by their friendship.

Fada and the girls began crossing one of the dry marshlands near their camp, when suddenly they heard men’s voices beyond the acacia trees. Before they went much further, they saw men riding atop camels. Mouheini ordered everyone to be quiet, whispering that they might have to run. “These men might be dangerous,” she warned.